Corporate Programs

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Corporate Programs

health - physical - brain

Our philosophy - TRI Model

Our philosophy - TRI Model



[Health]  Jody Walker, Naturopath

[Physical] Nikki Giles, Multi-Sport Coach 

[Brain] Kelly Anderson, Consultant Psychologist

Our team have collaborated to provide a holistic approach to life, training, and performance.  Professionals in their field Kelly, Nikki & Jody have been training, working and collaborating for over 12 months to offer a tri-model approach to achieve optimised wellbeing.   

It is well researched in Health Psychology the importance of physical health, healthy diet and nutrition, as well as a resilient, strong, and healthy brain are the keys to success in professional, personal and everyday life.  Often these are looked at individually, although at Tri-activ8 we know through experience and practice putting the body and mind to extreme challenges and succeeding, there is a great importance of working on all 3 areas.  

By training the body and mind, and exposing to physical challenges in a safe and supportive way can improve an individuals health and adaptive functioning.  This means in life when challenges/life stressors arise they are more likely to be able to cope and adapt to that life stress and have a positive outcome.

The improvements you may see from the group and/or individuals from our complete wellbeing model are:  Self Acceptance, Positive Attitude, Autonomy, Mastery, Personal Growth, Positive Relationships, Resilience and Mental Health. 

The following activities can be delivered for Team Building and Mentoring:

-         Mountain Biking

-         Orienteering (basics and team activities)

-         Kayaking

-         Hiking / Trail Running

-         Nutrition – activities of making breakfast with fresh ingredients etc.

-         Psychology – Facing Fears, Supporting Others, 1 on 1 or group support, on call Psychology support during the weekend.

-         High Ropes, Rock Climbing, Abseiling

-         Mindfulness Meditation

-         Stretching, Functional Strength Training, Stretching

-         Team building activities – survivor style (puzzles, physical, mental strength etc.)

- Corporate running programs

Overnight and multi-day options are available.

Contact Nikki on 0403 080 149 for more information.