Coach offers her tips for staying fit and motivated

EVEN experienced triathlete and Tri-ActiV8 coach Nikki Giles has a sweet tooth.

The owner of Tri-ActiV8 Mackay said it was all right to give into food cravings sometimes. 

"It's okay to have a sugar hit every now and then but at the end of the day you need to eat the right foods and have the right amount of sleep,” she said.

"Go out be active and your body will start naturally craving the right foods.”

Ms Giles coaches women and men to prepare them for upcoming triathlons.

She started her business in 2014 after finishing her relevant training certificates.

Ms Giles trains beginners right up to advanced athletes.

"I've got women who started off barely being able to swim 200 metres, cycle eight kilometres and run two kilometres to actual completely half ironmans and Olympic distances,” she said.

"The growth in terms of my clients is quite phenomenal.”

After setting herself personal challenges to succeed at three sports Ms Giles wanted to pass her knowledge on to others.

"It's a passion to be able to see people succeed and achieve their goals,” she said.

Her tip to keep motivated while working out includes staying focused.

"Have a key goal and specific event,” Ms Giles said.

She is putting together a beginners training program at the moment ahead of the women's only triathlon on October 23.

"I've started getting some people making contact with me about that program,” Ms Giles said.

"I usually do a six week program but I'm running out of time.

"I have casual sessions during the week and weekend sessions that cater for all different levels.”

Photo & Story courtesy Shakira Sellens / Daily Mercury

Nikki Giles