Kids TRY-Triathlon - Tips for Kids & their Supporters

The water start

The water start


  • Make sure your child is registered online;

  • Check out the maps to review the course;

  • Talk about the course – what are they going to expect - head on down to the lagoon and take a dip and look around;

  • Prepare your kids for the run with a practice encouraging slightly shorter strides, being relaxed and breathing out during the run;      

  • If your little one is riding (triathlon);

    • Practice riding the iconic Blue Water Trail with them;

    • Practice riding the distance with your kids and instruct to stay on the left side unless they are passing;

    • Check that their bike seat is the right height, tyres are inflated, chain is in good working order and that they can manage the brakes;

  • Practice putting shoes on/off and buckling helmets with wet feet and hands a few times Elastic shoe laces or Velcro sneakers help the kids transition with ease;

  • Allow them to be independent. Remember you won’t be able to help them in the transition area on the day, talk to them about how they will be able to do it by themselves, they are AWESOME!

PREPARATION – The Night Before (take away the stress on the day!) 

  • Pack the night before with your child;

  • Check their equipment:

  • Goggles fit;

  • Bike tyres are pumped up;

  • Chain is clean and on properly;

  • Helmet fits perfectly – every child must wear a helmet; 

  • Fill up water bottles;

  • Shirt for the ride (torso is to be covered - tri suit or rashie is accepted;

  • Sneakers match and packed.

RACE DAY - 23rd February


  • Arrive between 7.15am and 7.30am to register;

  • Register and receive a coloured hand band;

  • Help your kids set-up their transition area;

  • A good warm up prior to the swim start is a must - Coaches Mini and Alix will be helping the kids warm up at 7.50am! 

AQUATHON – 5-6 YEARS / 7-9 YEARS / 10-12 YEARS

  • Find a spot that is easy for your child to locate their shoes and hat after the swim;

  • Arrange running shoes, hat and water bottle (encourage to only have a sip before their run);

  • Spend some time to show your kids where the exit gate is so they know where to go for the run. 


  • Find a spot on the racks for the bike that is easy for your child to locate when running from the lagoon area;

  • Arrange shirt (if not worn in the swim - we recommend sun shirt or tri-suit), helmet, running shoes and water bottle (encourage to only have a sip before the ride and the run);

  • Spend some time showing your child where the exit and entry is for the bike course and the running course so they know where to go;

  • Provide tips on how your child can find their bike after the swim (you won’t be there to help them during the race) - All the bikes look the same after a swim;

  • Shirts on and helmets done up before touching the bike;

  • Kids must walk their bike to the entry point clearly marked before getting on their bikes;

  • They are to dismount at the clearly marked area and walk their bike to the same position on the rack.

The Bike Course

The bike course can be daunting as all the young triathletes are on the course at the same time (age group). Kids typically will go hard and quickly exhaust themselves, encourage them to ease into the ride to reduce and control stress;

  • Kids must be cautious and safe on the bike course at all times: 

    • Stay to the left – kids must stay to the left of the path (unless every overtaking);

    • When passing – it is encouraged that kids tell the rider in front of them that they are going to do so – pass and then move back to the left of the path; 

    • Being passed - they must maintain the same speed so the rider can pass and move back to the left side of the path; 

  • If your child needs to stop instruct them to pull off on the left side of the path;

  • If their chain falls off or a tyre goes flat on the course – do not panic – we will have a volunteer rider who will assist them and get them back in the fun.

The Run Course

The bike to run is tough for new triathletes. Even good runners struggle to run well after riding. The last stages of the triathlon run are mentally and physically difficult. With a swim in the arms and a bike ride in the legs, finishing off the run will test your little ones to push through.

The Finish Line

Encourage your child. The mental components are hard to teach but encouragement in the form of finishing and feeling good about themselves is paramount! 

Celebrate their finish! This is an amazing experience for them! They are a TRIATHLETE!!!

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