Athlete Profile: Sarah Shuttlewood


Sarah kicked off her Triathlon Career with our 6 week WO Program in 2017 and has not stopped since! She is fun, bubbly and very quirky! Balancing work, an active husband, two young daughters with training the three disciplines of triathlon is some what challenging! However this swimmer gone triathlete and now 3 X half marathons (this year) Sarah is smashing goals, getting faster and laughing more… we ask Sarah how and why she does it:

Name: Sarah

Nickname: Sar’ / Shuttlewood / Fuller

Why Triathlon? The variety, love the training & love consuming guilt free calories

Swim, ride or run? Swim

Favourite race? So far…. Airlie Beach Tri, Whitehaven swim, Hammo hilly half

What is your best piece of advice for doing a triathlon? Get your nutrition and hydration sorted, practice in training – I learnt the very hard way!

What is the best thing about your Coach? Has helped me train smarter, not harder

What is your motto or mantra? #icandoanything

What helps you find balance three sports: Lists for everything (although that’s me even without triathlon!) and a freezer full of pre-prepared meals

Race day rituals: Pack everything the night before & up early for breakfast

Why did you start: I started training very briefly for triathlon in my teens but never quite got to the start line – running was far too hard & so I stuck to competitive swimming… a grown up I decided it was time to find out how to run….still on that journey of course, but was thrown the triactiv8 line in 2017, shortly followed by a link to a loan road bike….then I bought one and now I’m just addicted.

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by? Never say never

What can’t you live without? My family

Bucket-List Goal Race: If Ironman were to come to Mackay, I’m in!

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