Kicking Goals - Airlie Beach Ride 2018

Everyday my Clients train, encourage, push and motivate each other.  From the strongly knitted bonds of training, friendships are built and the cycle of goal setting begins through collaboration.  Leanne, Brenda and Ulrika requested assistance with group riding skills in May 2017.  We practiced communication, rotation and hazards in the safety of our local velodrome.  Over coffee afterwards the girls openly discussed their desire to ride to Airlie within the next 12 months!    All three committed to this goal!  

Goal Setting Model .... 

Goal Model.JPG

Since May the three have opened their group up to others and grown in friendship, skills and strength!  The girls committed to their goal of Airlie Beach and inspired others along the way!  Rome was not built in a day - you all focussed on your goals and succeeded - consistency is key!

This is a little celebration for these girls and the group they have inspired to ride their goal of Airlie Beach (it's only little because they now have a bigger goal)! #proudcoach

Nikki Giles