Mooloolaba TRI 2018 - Through Mengy's Eyes

Mooloolaba is definitely my favourite Olympic Distance race!  The stunning location alone is enough to keep me coming back, but when you add the comradery shared with 30 odd training mates, and the electric vibe that comes with this event, I’m pretty sure I’ll be lining up again next year for my fourth in a row.  If I’m honest, the triathlon is just a minor inconvenience one puts oneself through, to justify spending a fantastic weekend at a pretty speccy beach, catching up with friends from home and  far afield and having a fat time J.


The conditions were pretty rough the day before the tri,  and after riding the ripples that we’re used to in Mackay, it took a tonne of courage and a marathon effort for most of us just to get out beyond the waves. If the Life Savers had done a drag of the foreshore that afternoon, I reckon they would have netted enough swim caps and goggles to fill a small swimming pool!


Testing the Waters

The day before the race - conditions were rough! 

Fortunately on race day, conditions improved enough for everyone  to enjoy a trouble free swim before navigating their way through transition.  The bike leg was a mix of adrenalin rush and exhaustion with a strong tailwind providing 50km+ speeds going out and a mongrel headwind requiring a character-building, gut-wrenching effort coming home.  Asking these old legs to run 10km up the Alexandra Headland hill and back (on repeat), after that was naaaasty so the only thing to do was to “LIVE IN THE MOMENT”, “BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE AWESOME”, and NEVER GIVE UP!  

People who don’t know me very well, ask me if I was happy with my results.  Taking into consideration my physique and the number of birthdays I’ve had, I don’t like to set the bar too high.

I’ve been telling anyone who asks that I achieved my 3 top goals:

  1. I didn’t die
  2. I crossed the finish line
  3. I made it home after the after-party J

Happy Days!

Cath Meng