Inspiring People - Mudskipper


Introducing Dwayne 'Muddy' Mudskipper!  Muddy first entered the realm of the tribe on the beach at Noosa in 2015 at his first ever Olympic Distance.  He was part Muscle Garden, part Dojo and part triathlete (he was a real bitza)!  Since then Muddy has flourished, and grown up into a 'True Blue' triathlete in every leg of the sport.  He is patient, kind and sometimes a little funny!   There aren't many photos of a straight face with his 'monkeying around' carefree attitude.  

Name: Dwayne German

Profession: Protective Services Officer

Nickname: Mudskipper, Dtrain

What do you enjoy most about triathlon:  Meeting people that are as crazy as me that find this sport fun. Traveling away to races with my wife and my friends.  Seeing improvements in my performance everyday.

Swim, Ride or Run?  It was run at the beginning, it’s now ride but swimming is growing on me.

How many years have you been training and competing in your sport? 2 years approximately

Funniest /embrassing moment while competing?   In my first ever event (enticer triathlon – Laura’s Tri 2015). It was raining, windy and freezing in June – the swim was moved to the Marina due to poor conditions. I hit the water, it was freezing! With the shock of the cold water I inhaled, taking on water to the lungs and I had to stand up, waist deep, coughing and spluttering. After I cleared my lungs I had to pretty much dog paddle the whole 350m so I could breathe. I think I have come a long way since then.

Phobias: I’m not good with heights

Race Day rituals: A good night sleep the night before.  I have to get in the water before the race starts.  I have started to have a race plan / goal time etc in my mind before the race and a good luck kiss from my wife, Rhi Rhi.

Favourite race:  Noosa Tri – it has been on my race calendar for the past 3 years

Why did you start: I have no idea but Noosa Tri was always on my bucket list. My brother and I thought it would be a great idea to sign up in the off season of soccer and I caught the bug.

Saying or motto you live your life by? ‘Rip in’ (isn’t that right Robbie Young?)

What can’t you live without?  My wife, my Tarmac, my Shiv and my 2 Labradors (this order changes regularly)

Bucket List Goal Race:  I would love to do a full IM with Rhi Rhi – just not sure of the location of this yet


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