Inspiring People: Ulrika Widdowson


Meet Ulrika, one of our friendliest, kindest and well travelled athletes.  We first met Ulrika back in 2015 when she was training for the Stockholm Marathon (for her 50th Birthday) - we had 10 weeks leading into the event to mix up Ulrika's training - Ulrika committed herself 120% and trained outside of her comfort zone to knock an amazing 40mins off her previous year's time! 

Today Ulrika still applies herself 120% and is achieving amazing results!  Ulrika is positive and inspiring, she is always surprising herself and eager to tri something new.  We are excited to see Ulrika achieve her Noosa goal this year!  Not to mention her goal of riding to Airlie by the year end!  


Profession/Educational background: Medical Recruitment with the Mackay Hospital and Health Service.

Nickname: I don’t think I have one??

What do you enjoy most about training with Tri-ActiV8?  Being pushed outside my comfort zone by Coach Nikki, definitely! But I also love the friendship and support amongst the V8 tribe. Everyone is happy to support and help each other reach their goals.

Swim, ride or run? I don’t know, I like it all. When I first came to tri-activate it was as a runner but now I’ve bought a bike (nearly time for an upgrade) and I love the long rides with the girls. And I’ve learnt to swim and I really enjoy that too even though the ocean still scares me. 

Why triathlon?  I love the cross training. Incorporating riding and swimming with my running has definitely made me stronger and fitter and I very rarely feel sore in bad way anymore. 

How many years have you been training and competing in your sport? My first ever Tri was the women’s only tri at Mirani in October last year. Since then I’ve done two enticer distances and next I will have a go at the sprint distance in Airlie and Mackay before doing the Olympic distance in Noosa in November. 

Funniest/embarrassing moment while competing?  Pulling over the bike rack in the transition area getting my bike in the recent duathlon. Luckily helpers were not far away!!!

Phobias:  Sharks and crocodiles 

Race day rituals: I always make sure I’m organised with all my gear packed and ready before I go to bed the night before a race. That way I can just get up and go without having to think too much i.e. still half asleep!

Favourite race: I hope it’s going to be Noosa!!!!

Why did you start: I was inspired by my friend Ange Furdek who completed her first Olympic distance in Noosa last year. I saw a photo of her smiling face having just conquered the swim part of the race and I thought I want to do that too. So here I am. 

Do you have a saying or motto you live your life by?  I challenge myself by learning/doing something new every year. 

What can’t you live without?  My biggest support, my husband Craig, he cooks for me and makes sure my training gear is washed and ready in time.

Bucket-List Goal Race: At the moment it’s Noosa and then I don’t know. But surrounded by so many inspiring people at Tri-Activ8 I’m sure I will sign up for another crazy adventure!

Nikki Giles