Adventure Camps


Adventure Camps



Multisport and Adventure Camps

Adventure & Multisport is a rapidly growing sport, and we are excited to be a small part of developing this sport.  We are excited to have a number of industry experts join us and share their passion with you! 

Many athletes come with an expectation that the multi-sport components will be too hard for them – the reality is that it is challenging; however the mental, and spiritual benefits far outweigh the physical challenges, and it takes us back to a natural environment where we can feel free and more at home.  

Our Adventure Camp includes interactive workshop sessions covering a diverse range of skills, experiences and a holistic approach including (and not limited to):

� Facing your fears & goal setting with Kelly Anderson Psychologist;
� Nutrition and Health with Jody Walker Naturopath;
� Uphill & downhill techniques (mtb & run);
� Basic Orienteering;
� Kayaking;
� MTB Maintenance & Skills;
� Night adventures; and
� Trail hiking and running.